commintmentWe want our service to stand our above and beyond all others.  So we have taken the following value-added steps to insure our promise of excellent services.

A. Centralized Claims Reporting

For our client’s convenience, claims for all of Puerto Rico can be assigned by telephone, fax, via email or on our web site to make the process as quick, easy and convenience as possible.

Click on the following links to:

Assign claims by phone and/or fax

  • Phone: 787-764-2485
  • Fax: 787-751-8833

Assign claims by email
Assign claims through our web site

B. 24-Hour Adjuster Availability

Our adjuster can be summoned after hours for immediate dispatch on emergency claims to contain costs and mitigate exposures.  After working hours please reach us at (787) 438-0340 or (787) 430-0342.

C.  Other Service

  • Networked claims record management software to immediately access information on closed and ongoing cases.
  • Cloud Base office management system (Office 365)
  • Business Continuity Plan